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Feel sad, when people write such things .. As a Microsoft-Enthusiast I’m very happy with the intentions and visions of newMicrosoft – I’m okay with decisions against smartphone! Smartphone era is over for me for years! 2014 with my still loved and daily driver lumia 1520 I got all what a smartphone could do for me – all “new innovations” are no innovations for me – nothing could these newer devices better – absolutely nothing relevant to me..  I wanted to have as predecessor for any smartphone the next form factor device .. No smartphone.. Smartphones have nothing in common with the original smartphones – for many years we have no telephony first mobile devices ! How often do you use this function compared with all other computing-like functions – also foldables and all other not yet presented categories are absolutely NO SMARTPHONES ! Era of these stupid devices and overhyped and wrong name is over !!! Please don’t call new devices and true innovations and next generations in computing devices Phones ! Just don’t do it


These are no PHONES – era of smartphones is over – in my opinion –

foldables and other new launching in the near future form factors are  no telephony-first, but computing devices – be honest: How much do you use the telephony-function in comparison with all the other computing-functions?!? You see: The name Smartphones is so wrong for years. But with new device categories, it’s obvious to change this unhealthy overhyped  name of mobile devices! Even Phablets got their own name and the standard-phone, new presented has sizes around 6″ .. 2014 (lumia 2014) had these Display and was a Phablet. Foldables and the other not yet presented categories are no smartphones!

Microsoft will wait for the right moment to present their devices, when the people are ready! That’s the groundbreaking different to the oldMicrosoft, that presentet real innovations far far too early(!) When newMicrosoft recognized this timing problem as key part of their things to change to success in the conzumer market, then it will be so so exciting for Microsoft-Enthusiast, WindowsInsiders, fans and customers! I’m very confident, that newMicrosoft recognized this timing problem! Rethink the eras of MP3-Player (Zune was earlier than iPod), Smartwatches, Tablets (first ever presented with xp..not iOS), Smartphones (wich ones the name fitted well, not like todays devices! WindowsMobile not iPhone), ..  Whats the lesson when you rethink these categories? Timing first, Marketing second!

What if newMicrosoft recognized this main problem? I’m so excited as Microsoft-Enthusiast for the near future of newMicrosoft. 💖💚💙💛

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These were my Opininions  in the year 2014
There are discussions about android, windows phone and IOS
I love my windows phone: Lumia 1520
MY OPINION to this topic
|the app gap|

I own over 500 apps in good or excellent quality for windows phone… ( yes I miss sometimes the HIPPEST apps)
I tried the launcher apps for windows phone, that give me nearly the WHOLE experience from android or ios -> I have test out androids and I must cry or rofl that so many people obviously buy this (crap…) I think the most are only Samsung devices…
And apples iPhone is only for people with too much money (or easily idiots, WHEN they want to be hip or something else, WITHOUT a OWN opinion)
and ALL of those who have not so much money AND wants to look like an iphone-owner have androids… (that’s the OBVIOUSLY and maybe ONLY reason for these numbers in the market
Only these people, who have a OWN opinion really tries out windows phone too.. The others have often no own opinion
Those people who really try windows phone would eventually say, this is a great experience – and the easiest system for beginners is it eventually too

comment in 2018
it’s so interesting for me to read what my feelings were about the mobile os situation – in 2014…..

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